Occupational Health and Safety


(OHS) is core to the successful long term sustainability of any business and fortunately in South Africa, H&S is a legislatively compliant criterion, enforced by the OHS Act 85 of 1993 and the Department of Labour.

At Africa Training Centre we are mindful that health and safety is often viewed as a daunting subject.

At Africa Training Centre, we offer a full range of courses within the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Field,

The courses we offer are as follows: (Please click on each link for more detailed information on the course)

1. Apply Health And Safety To A Work Area
2. Apply Basic Fire Fighting Techniques
3. Render Basic First Aid
4. Perform Basic Fire Fighting
5. Provide Risk-Based Primary Emergency Care/First Aid In The Workplace
6. Apply Fire Fighting Techniques
7. Erect And Dismantle Prefabricated Aluminum Alloy Scaffolding
8. Explain And Perform Fall Arrest Techniques When Working At Height
9. Install, Use And Perform Basic Rescues From Fall Arrest Systems And Implement The Fall Protection Plan
10. Use And Maintain Hand Tools On A Construction Site
11. Adhere To Health And Safety Requirements
12. Use And Maintain Power Hand Tools On A Construction Site
13. Erect And Dismantle Scaffolding
14. Erect, Alter/Reposition And Dismantle Access Scaffolding
15. Erect, Alter/Reposition And Dismantle Load Bearing Scaffolding
16. Select, Use And Care For Power Tools
17. Erect, Use And Dismantle Access Equipment For Construction Work
18. Conduct An Investigation Into Workplace Safety Health & Environmental Incidents
19. Lockout Procedure
20. Conduct Continuous Hazard Identification And Risk Assessment Within A Workplace
21. Monitor Report And Make Recommendations Pertaining To Specified Requirements In Terms Of Working At Heights
22. HIV Awareness
23. Carry Out Basic First Aid Treatment In The Workplace
24. Convey Dangerous Goods By Road Level 4
25. Convey Dangerous Goods By Road Level 3
26. Maintaining Occupational Health, Safety And General Housekeeping
27. Controlling Hazardous/Dangerous And Dangerous Goods