Unit Standard Title:

Carry Out Basic First Aid Treatment In The Workplace



Unit Standard ID:


NQF Level:

Level 03




2 Days


This Unit Standard Is For Persons Who Are Responsible To Apply First Aid In A Working Place. Persons Credited With This Standard Are Able To:

  • -Describe First Aid Equipment And Explain Basic Application
  • -Assess The Accident Scene, Report And Make Safe
-Prioritize The Casualties And Treat 




Course Outline

  • Understanding Sexuality
  • Community Values & Perceptions
  • Stis Nature & Transmission
  • Symptoms & Prevention Of Sti
  • Aids Transmission
  • Symptoms Of Aids
  • High Risk Behaviours
  • Preventative Methods
  • Hiv Aids In Pregnancy
  • Hiv Testing & Counselling
  • Healthy Eating
  • Care & Support For Hiv Aids People
  • Aids & Society
  • Call Our Offices For More Information