Unit Standard Title:

Monitor Report And Make Recommendations Pertaining To Specified Requirements In Terms Of Working At Heights



Unit Standard ID:


NQF Level:

Level 03




3 Days


People Credited With This Course Will Be Able To Describe The Requirements With Regard To Working At Heights. The Competency Includes Knowledge And Understanding Of The Requirements Applicable To: Performing Work In Elevated Positions. Inspecting, Caring For And Storing Fall Arrest Equipment Effectively.




Course Outline

  • Legislation
  • Definitions
  • General Duties In The Workplace
  • Risk Assessment And Management
  • Competency Training And Instruction
  • Supervision
  • Planning, Buldings And Structural Design
  • Work Area ‚ Access And Egress
  • Protection On Edges
  • Fall Prevention Systems And Anchorage
  • Ladders: Fixed And Portable
  • Building Maintenance Units
  • Other Types Of Temporary/Elevated Work Platforms
  • Forklift Trucks
  • Purlin Trolleys
  • Hole And Opening Protection
  • Fragile Roof Work
  • General Plant & Freight Transport
  • Industrial Rope Access Systems Or Abseiling
  • Tree Climbing/Pruning
Emergency Rescue Procedures & Requirements