Unit Standard Title:

Erect, Alter/Reposition And Dismantle Load Bearing Scaffolding


Unit Standard ID:


NQF Level:

Level 02




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The Qualifying Learner Is Capable Of:
Learners Who Are Assessed As Competent Against This Unit Standard Will Be Able To Erect, Alter/ Reposition And Dismantle Load Bearing Scaffolding Under Supervision. The Learner Will Demonstrate Knowledge Of The Following: Relevant Sections Of The OHS Act And Regulations Associated With Load Bearing Scaffolding Are Identified And The Responsibilities Of The Inspector Are Described, Relevant Sections Contained In The Latest Edition Of SABS 0295 (Part 2) Associated With Load Bearing Scaffolding, Different Types Of Load Bearing Scaffolding, Related Applications And Limitations, Applications And Safe Working Loads For Load Bearing Scaffolding Components, Basic Knowledge Of Formwork And Falsework And The Differences Between These Disciplines And Scaffolding.
The Competencies Contained In This Unit Standard Form Part Of The Elective Learning Of This Qualification And Extend Beyond The Mechanical Completion Of Tasks Associated With Load Bearing Scaffolding Operations And Contribute Towards The Professional Development Of The Learner By Equipping Him/Her With Enhanced Knowledge And Skills Carried Out In Accordance With Occupational Health And Safety Legislation And Regulations For Work Conducted At Heights Well Above Ground Level And Industry Requirements For Cost-Effective And Quality Workmanship Completed Within Prescribed Deadlines Under Supervision.
This Unit Standard Further Contributes To Socio-Economic Transformation In That Learners Will Be Able To Undergo RPL-Assessment And Receive Recognition For Previous Learning And Experience, Thereby Enhancing The Employability And Career Prospects Of Learners Within The Civil Engineering Construction Field.