Unit Standard Title:

Adhere To Health And Safety Requirements


Unit Standard ID:


NQF Level:

Level 01




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Learners Working Towards This Unit Standard Will Be Doing So With The Intention Of Reaching The Full Qualification "National Certificate (Construction) For The Installation Of Floor Coverings". Learners Will Be Involved In, Or Working Within A Floor Covering Installation Environment.

Learners Who Are Assessed As Competent Against This Unit Standard Will Adhere To Health And Safety Requirements With Confidence, Including -
  Setting Up Protection And Safety Equipment For The Working Area
  Using, Storing And Maintaining Tools And Equipment Safely
  Complying With Health, Safety And Welfare In The Workplace

This Competence Lays The Foundation For The Development Of Further Floor Covering Competencies And Underpins Competencies To Be Acquired As Part Of A Learning Progression Pathway. The Generic Competencies As Outlined In This Unit Standard Should Facilitate Portability Of Floor Covering Installation Skills Across Different Contexts Within The Construction Industry.

It Contributes To The Development Of A Professional Community Of Floor Covering Practitioners Who Understand The Challenges And Opportunities Of The South African Construction Context. The Contribution To The National Skills Development Strategy Is The Key Developmental Interface Between Learners And New Competencies To Be Achieved.