Unit Standard Title:

Operate A Counter Balanced Lift Truck In Excess Of 15 Tons

Unit Standard ID:


NQF Level:

Level 03




Recertification: 1 Day

Novice: 3-5 Days


Operating A Lifting Machine Takes Place Within A Regulatory Framework That Seeks To Ensure Safety Of The Operator, The Lifting Machine And The Lifting Machine Environment. Counterbalanced Lift Trucks Are Inherently Dangerous; Hence, Their Safe Operation Cannot Be Overstated. The Learner Will Also Acquire The Competencies And Skills To Operate The Components, Systems And Levers To Accomplish The Task Of Lifting And Handling Loads Appropriately. The Aspects Of Safety And Communication During The Lifting Operation Are Covered.

It Is Important That The Learners Operate Counterbalanced Lift Trucks Using The Competencies In This Unit Standard And In Keeping With The Requirements Of The National Code Of Practice (NCOP) For The Evaluation Of Training Providers For Lifting Machine Operators (Government Gazette 27292 - 18 February 2005).

Learners Credited With This Standard Will Be Capable Of:

  • Demonstrating Knowledge Of The Regulatory Framework For Operating Counterbalanced Lift Trucks.
  • Describing The Counterbalanced Lift Truck To Be Operated.
  • Demonstrating Mechanical Awareness Of The Counterbalanced Lift Truck.
  • Inspecting The Counterbalanced Lift Truck.
Handling Loads With A Counterbalanced Lift Truck.