Unit Standard Title:

Operate Counter Balanced Lift Truck

Unit Standard ID:


NQF Level:

Level 03




Recertification: 1 Day

Novice: 3-5 Days


Performance Of The Lift Truck. The Person Will Be Able To Handle The Loading And Storage Of Freight By Using The Equipment And Its Accessories In The Required Manner. They Will Also Be Able To Access Emergency System And Services In The Event Of An Incident Or Accident.

The Qualifying Learner Is Capable Of:

  • -Applying The Recognized Methods For Inspecting And Recording The -Operational Fitness Of All Components Of The Lift Truck With Reference To Safety Procedures In The Workplace.
  • -Identifying And Classifying Freight/Loads Taking Into Account Documentation, -Packaging And Labelling Associated With The Specific Freight.
  • -Handling, Loading And Storing Freight In Accordance With Industry Standards -Environmental Requirements, And With Due Consideration To Inter Alia The -Commodities And Their Properties, Storage Area And Placement Of Load.
  • -Achieving Maximum Work Performance Of Lifting Equipment And Attachments, By Applying Knowledge Of Equipment Dimensions, Controls, Principles Of Operation And Capacities, Manufacturing Specifications And Circumstances In The Working Environment.
  • -Operating Equipment In Accordance With Laid Down Organizational And -Legislative Standards And Procedures As Well As Manufacturer's Guidelines.
-Accessing Available Emergency Support System And Services In Case Of Incidents And Accidents.