Unit Standard Title:

Conduct Advanced Front End Loader Operations

Unit Standard ID:


NQF Level:

Level 03




Recertification: 1 Day

Novice: 3-5 Days


Demonstrating Knowledge Of The Functions Of Front End Loaders And Their Attachments; Planning And Preparing For Loader Operations; Applying Concepts Of Road Anatomy; Selecting, Fitting And Removing Attachments; Manoeuvring And Controlling Front End Loaders On Site; Using Loader Attachments; Stockpiling, Mixing, And Spreading Materials Using A Front End Loaders; And Moving Front End Loaders From Site To Site.

Learners Who Master The Applied Competence Described In This Unit Standard Will Contribute To The Development Of A Professional Community Of Civil Engineering Construction Plant Operators Who Are Able To Competently Use Science And Technology When Applying Operation Techniques
The Contribution To Socio-Economic Transformation Is That Learners Will Be Able To Undergo RPL-Assessment And Thereby Receive Recognition For Previous Learning And Experience. This In Turn Will Enhance The Employability And Career Prospects Of Learners Employed In This Sector.